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Shipping and logistics is a complex and fragmented industry; we understand that whether you’re a producer or a trader, you’re looking for new opportunities and new ways to reach new markets. Our unique combination of integrated logistics and expertise are your guide for these new opportunities.

Our History

Since our launch in 2000 we have focused on growing our fleet of liquefied gas carriers, initially specializing in the handysize sector. We transport liquefied petroleum gas (LPG), petrochemical gases and ammonia for energy companies, industrial users and commodity traders. With a new management team in place from 2006, the business has achieved rapid and sustained growth and we now own and operate the world’s largest fleet of handysize gas carriers. In 2020 we expanded our presence on the value chain by opening a new ethylene export terminal in Houston, Texas, together with Enterprise Product Partners, which will better integrate our logistic services to our customers.


Entered into a 60/40 joint venture with Greater Bay Gas Co. Ltd. to acquire 5 ethylene vessels over a period of 12 months.


Successfully completed the merger of Ultragas ApS' fleet and business activities with our own, adding 18 vessels and uniting two leading gas shipping companies.


30,000cbm tank successfully constructed completing phase 2 of the ethylene export terminal maximizing throughput capacity to 1.0 million tons per annum.


Commercial operations of the ethylene export terminal commences following the completion of phase 1 of the construction.


Navigator and Enterprise announce location and construction under way of the ethylene export terminal.


Navigator announced an intention to develop an ethylene marine export terminal.


Navigator Gas moved into the mid-sized market, commissioning newbuild ethylene vessels with increased capacity accommodating the needs of the Company’s business partners


Initial Public Offering at $19 per share on the New York Stock Exchange (NVGS).


The Company acquired 11 handysize gas vessels from Maersk Tankers for USD 470 million and gained the position as the world’s largest owner of handysize gas vessels


Invesco, the Company’s largest shareholder, made their first investment by acquiring 2.5m shares. Later becoming majority shareholder in 2012 following their acquisition of the Lehman Brothers shareholding.


Navigator Holdings’ entire ownership and management changed following the Company’s emergence from Chapter 11.


The Company’s initial vessels came into operation in 2000.


Navigator Holdings formed with the purpose of building and operating a fleet of five semi-refrigerated, ethylene-capable gas carriers

Navigator at a glance


900+ Lost Time Incident Free Days


Achieving better scores during ship inspections than industry benchmarks


Innovating in everything we do and focusing on increasing efficiencies


Vessel converted to ethane fuel with annualised carbon reduction similar to taking 4,000 cars off of the road

Navigator Team

1,700 Officers & Crew

140 On-Shore Team Members

6 Shore Locations in London, Houston, Gdynia, Riga, Copenhagen and Manila


56 Sophisticated Gas Carriers


World's largest ethylene export terminal with annual 1M metric ton capacity


We handle the most complex liquefied gases for our customers; LPG, Petrochemicals & Ammonia.

Cargo in 2020

400 Ship-to-Ship Operations

1,281 Port Calls

6.3 Million Metric Tons Transported

Senior Management

We pride ourselves on identifying the most appropriate, efficient and cost-effective seaborne gas transportation solutions for our business partners. We apply a ‘can do’ approach to even the most challenging situations, freely sharing our expertise with business partners and terminals in the spirit of mutually-beneficial collaboration.

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