What we do

Shipping logistics are complex and fragmented; Navigator’s combined expertise and infrastructure is different.

We have chosen to play a big role in the semi-refrigerated ethylene handysize gas carrier segment building up the largest fleet and the best people to make gas transportation safe and reliable for our customers as possible; bringing expertise to our customers through our people, offering vessels that are highly flexible in transporting LPG, petrochemical cargoes such as ethylene, propylene and butadiene, as well as ammonia

We further streamline our oceangoing infrastructure with our on-shore ethylene export terminal enabling producers access to international markets and end-users the opportunity to diversify their sources of supply, improving the cost factors, robustness and reliability of the value chain.

Our Upstream and Downstream services work seamlessly with your existing infrastructure and our team of engineers, seafaring officers and senior directors are available on short notice to give advice and assistance to any existing or potential projects.

Partnering with our clients

We work alongside some incredible companies.

What we transport

Our specialised gas carriers are some of the most complex oceangoing vessels to operate, and are capable of carrying LPG, Petrochemicals and Ammonia at ambient and refrigerated temperatures. The vessels often change from one cargo grade to another meeting the needs of our customers.

Gas Experts

Our years of experience in handling complex operations on behalf of our partners makes us leaders in the seaborne transportation of gases. Our people both offshore and onshore have expertise in transporting multiple cargoes on-board single vessels.

We continually perform complex operations involving ships to ship transfer for our partners across the globe to enable the efficient movement of cargoes. This deep rooted experience in managing the transportation of liquefied gases on our versatile vessels enables our partners the flexibility and efficiency they desire.

Risk Management

Effective risk management is at the heart of what we do and how we do it. We understand that by managing our own safety and environment risks we also support the risk management and environmental goals of our business partners. We have developed a bespoke Safety Management System so that we can deliver the highest levels of safety performance, environmental stewardship and operational excellence on all vessels under our management.

In-house Ship Management

We have traditionally worked closely with our carefully selected third party ship management companies to ensure our vessels operate to the highest standards. Now that the fleet has grown to a substantial size, we have begun taking technical management of our vessels under the control of our in-house fleet management team. In this way, we can provide our customers and business partners with consistently high levels of service and take full control of our safety and environmental performance and operating risks through a robust integrated management system. Every member of the Fleet Management team is committed to our goal of maintaining a reputation for high standards of Safety, Environmental Stewardship and Operational Excellence that is the envy of our industry.

50% Shareholder in worlds largest ethylene export terminal

The terminal features two docks and the capacity to load 1 million tonnes per year of ethylene, along with a refrigerated storage tank capable of holding 60,000 cbm of ethylene. The export terminal is pipeline-connected to Enterprise’s Mont Belvieu, Texas complex, where Enterprises high-capacity ethylene salt dome storage and extensive pipeline network acts as an open market storage and trading hub for the US ethylene industry.

The Terminal is a strategic investment which complements Enterprises integrated pipeline and storage network, and Navigators specialised tanker fleet, and the invest allows the US Petrochemical Industry to continue its grow and become the global leader in ethylene production.

The Terminal is the first of a number of strategic infrastructure investment projects which Navigator is considering to support the continued growth of our global distribution pipeline model within our core market.

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